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Money & finance
14:22PM Jul 17, 2019

New Partners Want To Fill “Lending Void” In Agriculture

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor
A new partnership plans to address what is being described as a “lending void in agriculture.”
10:40AM Jul 15, 2019

Working Capital is Dissolving: Here’s What to Know

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer
What should be your No. 1 priority for your balance sheet? “Working capital,” says David Kohl, professor emeritus of agricultural finance at Virginia Tech University.
Aerial farmland
09:51AM Jul 12, 2019

Selling Land to Reduce Debt? Consider an Opportunity Zone Fund

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer
In today’s low-income farm environment, many farmers would like to sell land to pay down debt but also want to defer paying capital gains taxes.
14:47PM Jul 11, 2019

Fed Leader Signals Interest Rate Cut Likely

Marjorie Kulba
AgWeb Contributor
Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is signaling the Fed is likely to cut interest rates later this month, for the first time in a decade.
11:52AM Jul 10, 2019

Traders Are Certain the Fed Will Cut in July, But Unsure What’s Next

Wire Service
Lurking beyond traders’ apparently unwavering confidence that the Federal Reserve will cut rates this month is a more nebulous outlook on what the central bank does afterward.
08:00AM Jul 05, 2019

Farmland Sale Snapshot: 6 Recent Sales Show Big Price Span

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer
Here are a handful of recent farmland sales that show how varied values are across farm country.
10:00AM Jul 04, 2019

Economic Impact of Crisis Felt by Ag and Dairy Lenders

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
His bank worked with producers to restructure their debt amid the crisis, but a large number of those producers have refinanced two and sometimes three years in a row to