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Featuring Chris Barron, AgWeb's margins expert.

Chris BarronChris is a farmer and farm management advisor with over 18 years of experience. During this time, he has developed many decision tools to help producers improve the profitability of their operation.



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Interactive Spreadsheets

Download the following spreadsheets, courtesy of Chris Barron, to analyze your operation. Available spreasheets:

Cost of Production
Margin Scenario
Profit Navigator
Acreage Cost-Return Analysis
Delayed Planting Cost Calculator
Is it Time to Switch Corn Hybrids?

Have a question about one of the spreadsheets, or an idea for a new one? Email Chris at

Ask a Margins Expert


Have a margins question? Through this blog you will gain insight on improving your bottom line, as Chris answers questions and provides farm business advice.



Cost of Production Calculators

money stack

These corn and soybean margins calculators can help you determine your cost of production per acre and expected per-bushel yield to determine your breakeven selling price.



Tax Tips for Your Farm

Tax Day

The Farm CPA, Paul Neiffer, shares tax tips on everything from hiring your children as employees to gift tax exemptions.




Fiscal Fitness

fiscal fitness

Financial management experts share ways for producers to improve money and credit management. Look for help on budgets, taxes, loans, financial performance and even bankruptcy.