16:35PM Jul 28, 2010

Market Outlook

Early Hedges Pay Off; Bigger Ocean Freight Fleet; Global Economic Malaise Dampens Demand; Better Wheat Convergence

16:21PM Jul 28, 2010

Top of Mind

Oil still swirls in the Gulf of Mexico, and BP has spent more than $3 billion to clean up its mess. This figure doesn’t include the $20 billion fund for

16:10PM Jul 28, 2010

Market Strategy

Jerry Gulke
Market Strategy Columnist

The game has changed, U.S. Corn Supply-Demand in Precarious Balance.

18:40PM Jul 13, 2010

Our Ties to the Land

Pam Smith
AgWeb Contributor

Unique succession challenges come with land-based businesses

11:10AM Jul 09, 2010

Dairy Prices Set To Rebound if We See A Shortage of Milk

Catherine Merlo
Western and Online Editor

The farm bill being debated in Washington will be critical to determining the milk price for 2011 and beyond.

10:52AM Jun 30, 2010

Free the milk market

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

Former Virginia dairy farmers gives his opinion on recent USDA/Department of Justice hearing on dairy market consolidation.

11:13AM Jun 27, 2010

Dairy Cow Culling Slows In May

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

Year-to-date culling through May 2010 is running nearly 3% less than 2009.