13:43PM Jun 18, 2010

California Dairy Group Objects to IDFA’s Anti-Supply Management Speech Editors
AgWeb Contributor
Members of California's Milk Producer Council upset with International Dairy Foods Association stance on dairy supply management
13:39PM Jun 18, 2010

May Milk Up 1.1%

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor
USDA reports that May 2010 milk production was up an estimated 1.1% across the country, but cow numbers were down 171,000 compared to a year ago.
19:08PM Jun 09, 2010

It’s the End of the Third World

Greg Vincent
AgWeb Contributor
Worldwide economic growth is back, bringing opportunity to both developed and Third World countries.
11:22AM Jun 03, 2010

Largest Farmers Most Likely to Get Larger

Linda H. Smith
Markets Editor
General attitude about farming is on the decline.
18:40PM Jun 01, 2010

Export Bound: U.S. Processors Respond to Growing Global Market

Catherine Merlo
Western and Online Editor
A growing number of U.S. dairy processors are expanding their exporting efforts to capture emerging opportunities abroad.
14:53PM May 26, 2010

Wisconsin Hauling Rates Average 22¢/cwt

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor
Milk hauling rates in the Midwest lowest in the nation.
14:38PM May 24, 2010

Strong Dollar, Weak Crude: Implications for You

Greg Vincent
AgWeb Contributor
This could be a great time to price fuel