07:51AM Nov 17, 2019

In The Shop: Still Discovering Tools

I've been around tools since I was old enough to toddle after Dad as he worked on equipment. I get visited at the dealership each week by three professional tool ...
18:30PM Nov 11, 2019

In The Shop: Things You Should Never Throw Away

Hoarding is unacceptable behavior in a dealership shop. If each mechanic saves left over parts and salvaged treasures, before long the the shop and grounds look like a salvage yard. ...
Executive Women in Agriculture EWA
09:23AM Nov 08, 2019

Women Take More Leadership Roles On U.S. Farms

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor
Women make up 36% of the nation’s farmers.
18:45PM Nov 04, 2019

In The Shop: Those Wonderful Chopping Corn Heads

I know you're scrambling to finish harvest, but if you've got a chopping corn head that uses "lawn mowers" under the row units, be prepared to do some preventive maintenance ...
16:21PM Nov 01, 2019

Propane Delivery Crisis Plagues the Midwest

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
Harvest just got a little harder—propane supplies aren’t where they need to be for Midwest farmers.
18:21PM Oct 30, 2019

In The Shop: Don't Bury Your Auger

I was working on a 40-year-old combine today and had to dig into the archives to get some specifications. One thing I noticed in the yellowed pages of the tech ...
10:51AM Oct 27, 2019

In The Shop: Frozen Chaffers and Sieves

This year's harvest has many folks harvesting in colder than normal conditions. Frosty mornings and the threat of snow in the coming week's forecast across much of the midwest raises ...