Impossible Whopper
11:36AM Jan 28, 2020

How Popular Is Fake Meat In America?

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Research into consumer acceptance of alternative proteins reveals nearly a third of Americans believe fake meat products are simply incomparable to real meat.

11:19AM Jan 28, 2020

JBS S.A. Signs New China Trade Deal

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

More Brazilian fresh beef, pork and poultry is headed to China, thanks to a new partnership announced between JBS S.A. and China's WH Group, a publicly traded Chinese meat and

17:12PM Jan 24, 2020

Fed Cattle Steady, COF 2% Higher

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Agricultural Marketing Service reporters said the market was most active on “lightweight cattle, in light flesh, as numbers of those cattle are not as plentiful as their heavier mates.”

09:57AM Jan 09, 2020

Will Crop Residue Utilization Affect Herd Expansion?

Jared Wareham
AgWeb Contributor

Currently, residue utilization is limited by access and infrastructure. Good fencing around the available biomass resources still in the field tend to be the greatest barrier. If grazing isn’t an

12:25PM Dec 30, 2019

ASPCA Promotes Its ‘Factory Farm Detox’ Campaign

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

ASPCA has announced its second "Factory Farm Detox," a campaign the activist group hopes will encourage Americans to “eliminate factory-farmed foods” during a week-long consumer challenge.

14:59PM Dec 27, 2019

Year-End Cash Cattle Rally Continues

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Cash cattle prices traded higher in the north, with dressed sales reported $3 to $5 higher. Feeder cattle markets saw a limited holiday-week test.

13:56PM Dec 16, 2019

Derrell Peel: Strong Finish For 2019 Beef Production

Sharply higher carcass weights have boosted beef production, though another round of winter weather hitting parts of cattle feeding country may temper that in the last few weeks of the