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09:53AM Sep 13, 2019

AG Receives Post-WASDE Support

Kevin McNew
AgWeb Contributor
Export Sales Announcement Private exporters reported to the U.S. Department of Agriculture export sales of 204,000 metric tons of soybeans for delivery to China during the 2019/2020 marketing year. September ...
08:49AM Sep 12, 2019

Russian and Romanian Wheat Crop Production Raised

Kevin McNew
AgWeb Contributor
White House Pushes Biofuel Deal to Refiners and Producers White House officials urged both U.S. biofuel producers and oil refiners to accept a deal to lift biofuel blending mandates in ...
15:37PM Sep 11, 2019

Save Trip to FSA If You Have Corn, Soybean 2019 Prevent Plant Acres

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
Even though the disaster aid bill was written, passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, details are still being hammered out. That includes the portion of the program covering
16:08PM Sep 10, 2019

How Are Grapefruit Conditions Post Dorian?

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
The University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences reports minor losses to grapefruit along the east coast as winds ripped developing fruit from tree branches.
15:51PM Sep 10, 2019

Chinese Exports Decrease From Month Prior

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
Chinese exports decreased 1 percent last month compared to last year. That's according to the customs administration. The decline compares with a more than three percent rise in exports in
13:11PM Sep 04, 2019

SCN Testing Is More Important Than Ever

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
Flooding this spring won’t just devastate fields and productivity this year—it’ll affect your fields for years to come.
15:03PM Sep 03, 2019

USDA Slashes U.S. Corn, Soybean Export Estimates To China

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
The trade war between the U.S. and China is a big reason U.S. farm exports are taking another cut. USDA is slashing its estimates for shipments of soybeans and corn