14:34PM Nov 04, 2019

Meteorologist: Don’t Necessarily Plan on Warmer than Expected Winter

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AgWeb Contributor
NOAA forecasts a warmer than expected winter for much of the United States. NOAA says the greatest likelihood for warmer-than-normal conditions are in Alaska and Hawaii. However, some meteorologists aren’t
15:25PM Oct 14, 2019

Farmers Worry about ‘Flash Drought’

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AgWeb Contributor
Conditions are making things tough for farmers. There are growing concerns for cattle, cotton and corn due to the worsening drought that was fueled this summer by record heat.
11:36AM Oct 11, 2019

AgDay Weather: Root Zone Moisture Map Shows Both Dry, Wet Conditions

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Pockets of the Midwest are colored bright blue for wet conditions. Some places may even become worse as some snow is expected. AgDay Meteorologist Mike Hoffman has more in your
13:10PM Sep 30, 2019

AgDay Weather: Hot Conditions in Southeast to Stick Around

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AgWeb Contributor
Growers in the Southeast are experiencing some very hot conditions as they continue on with harvest. Meteorologist Cindi Clawson says that pattern is going to stay a bit longer.
13:04PM Sep 27, 2019

Root Zone Moisture Map: Dry Areas Became Drier

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Farmers in the Corn Belt wait to see if they will receive a frost over the weekend.
13:34PM Aug 08, 2019

Areas of Iowa and Illinois on the Brink of Drought

Pro Farmer Editors
AgWeb Contributor
Dryness and drought spread across much of the contiguous 48 states over the past week, with relief limited to areas of the Southeast, according to today’s National Drought Monitor update.
13:57PM Aug 02, 2019

AgDay Weather Team Looks At Drought Monitor

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
Meteorologist Cindi Clawson has your forecast to finish up the week. She takes a look at the drought monitor during this weather segment on AgDay.