16:34PM Nov 06, 2019

Farmer on River Bottoms: "If I Can't Get Insurance, I Won't Farm It"

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
Concerns about wet crops and wet fields are not stopping in Iowa. Farmers in river towns are worried crop insurance will make ground uninsurable because it may cost so much,
13:40PM Oct 24, 2019

Harvest Delays? Contact Insurance Agent to Ensure You’re Covered

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
With major harvest delays in many parts of the country, USDA is advising farmers with Federal crop insurance to reach out to their AIP right away to file a Notice
13:27PM Sep 26, 2019

Farmers to Receive Extra Prevent Plant Payment

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor
The USDA announced today producers participating in federal crop insurance who have a payable prevented planting indemnity for 2019 will automatically receive an extra payment
17:01PM Sep 18, 2019

Should You Choose ARC or PLC?

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor
Weigh your options to find the best fit for your farm
08:20AM Aug 18, 2019

Can You Defer RP Crop Insurance Proceeds?

Paul Neiffer
The Farm CPA Blogger
Most farmers assume they can defer crop insurance proceeds to the following year. However, there are several rules that must be followed and the IRS has some 'unofficial" guidance that ...
08:39AM Aug 08, 2019

Date of Disaster is Key

Paul Neiffer
The Farm CPA Blogger
The Disaster Aid Bill passed in June contains aid to farmers who incurred crop and livestock losses related to natural disasters. The key disasters listed in the Bill were: Hurricanes ...
11:02AM Jun 06, 2019

How to Handle Tense Prevent Plant Conversations

Margy Eckelkamp
Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete
“There may be a win-win opportunity out of this for some folks. If it's a field that has been historically wet, going to prevent plant may offer an opportunity to