Biofuels 09
10:48AM Dec 04, 2019

Larry Kudlow Hatching New Plan to Boost Biofuel Mandates

Wire Service
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow is developing a new plan to bolster biofuel-blending requirements.
10:24AM Nov 25, 2019

Demand Drivers: Biofuels

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor
Can growing international markets compensate for domestic demand shortfalls?
John Phipps
10:52AM Nov 18, 2019

John Phipps: The Ethanol Debate Could Be Trivial By 2023

“The current dispute could be child’s play a few years from now when RFS mandated volumes will be set at EPA's discretion.”
08:17AM Oct 29, 2019

John Phipps: Why the Current Ethanol Debate Could Be Trivial By 2023

John Phipps says because the biofuels market was created by politics it is constantly subject to politics, and the debate may be just getting started. He explains why in John's
14:45PM Oct 15, 2019

Ag Groups Upset over EPA RFS Proposal, Ethanol Stocks Tumble

Wire Service
thanol futures had the biggest loss in two months after the Trump administration took steps Tuesday to implement a deal meant to ensure biofuel quotas are not undermined.
16:04PM Oct 04, 2019

Signal to Noise: Why Does the RFS Deal Feel Less Than Complete?

John Herath
AgWeb Contributor
Friday's renewable fuels announcement was short on some key details.
10:35AM Oct 04, 2019

Biofuel Groups Win 15 Billion Gallon Floor in RFS Deal

John Herath
AgWeb Contributor
Biofuel groups celebrated a victory in winning most of their demands in a drawn-out fight over refinery exemptions to the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS).