21:15PM Nov 18, 2019

Diemel Remains Possibly Found In Nebraska Stock Trailer, Sheriff Says

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
In a bizarre twist, Nebraska authorities say human remains found in a recently purchased stock trailer may belong to one of the brothers murdered in Missouri last summer.
13:58PM Nov 18, 2019

Anticipating Market Slow-Down Ahead Of Holiday

Brad Hulett
AgWeb Contributor
Packer market participation wasn’t as robust as it had been in earlier weeks, and packers have slowly added to their inventory ahead of the holidays.
feeder stocker calves red crossbred
09:08AM Nov 18, 2019

Cattle industry focus on animal health begins at the ranch

Preconditioning programs add value to cattle and the value is consistently reflected in premiums for certified preconditioned calves sold under specific programs.
12:09PM Nov 14, 2019

Dan Murphy: Defeating Depression

Dan Murphy
AgWeb Contributor
Clinical depression is a worldwide scourge, and while some mental health authorities point to modern lifestyles as a key risk factor, a new study suggest a simple, yet effective treatment.
13:20PM Nov 13, 2019

Angus Association Celebrates Fiscal Year 2019

Rachel Robinson
AgWeb Contributor
The American Angus Association reports the fifth consecutive year of at least 300,000 registrations and 159,841 genomic tests submitted with the total genotyped animals in the database now 697,901.
10:18AM Nov 08, 2019

Nalivka: Cattle Numbers Indicate Optimism For 2020

John Nalivka
Economic Advisor
Beef cow slaughter in 2019 will be the highest relative to the overall cow herd since 2013, and suggests tighter supplies in 2020 and higher overall prices.
16:17PM Oct 31, 2019

USCA; NCBA Release Statements about South Dakota Labeling Legislation

Katie James
AgWeb Contributor
This week South Dakota Senators John Thune (R-SD) and Mike Rounds (R-SD) introduced a bill to amend the Federal Meat Inspection Act to modify requirements that meat is labeled “Product