10:47AM Jul 31, 2020

Steiner: Red Meat And Poultry Production “Fully Recovered”

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

June production data for beef, pork, chicken and turkey show an 8.2% increase over the same month in 2019, suggesting processors have overcome the disruptions from earlier this spring.

09:14AM Jul 29, 2020

Integrity Beef Sustainability Pilot Project Completes Two-Year Study

Drovers news source
AgWeb Contributor

The Integrity Beef Sustainability Pilot Project completed its innovative two-year study to validate, track and trace beef sustainability claims across all segments of the supply chain.

Reuters McDonalds_0
13:00PM Jul 28, 2020

McDonald's Sales Decline 30% In Second Quarter

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

McDoanld's reported dismal second quarter sales compared to a year ago, but sees improvement ahead as the fast-food giant "has learned to adjust our operations to this new environment."

09:52AM Jul 24, 2020

7 Must-See Livestock Speakers at Farm Journal Field Days

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Tune into Farm Journal Field Days—Aug. 25 to Aug. 27—and enjoy all the benefits of the first virtual farm show experience.

09:09AM Jul 23, 2020

Why COVID-19 Relief Should Include America’s Agricultural Fairs

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor

Congressmen urge House leadership to support America’s agricultural fairs in the next COVID-19 relief package. Here's why.

11:28AM Jul 20, 2020

USDA Announces Changes To Livestock Gross Margin Insurance Program

AgWeb Contributor

USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) announced changes to the Livestock Gross Margin (LGM) insurance program for cattle and swine beginning in the 2021 crop year.

10:11AM Jul 20, 2020

Study Quantifies Value of Red Meat Exports to U.S. Corn, Soybeans

Joe Schuele
AgWeb Contributor

Since 2015, indirect exports of corn and soybeans through beef and pork exports has been the fastest-growing category of corn and soybean use, delivering critical returns for corn and soybean