22:42PM Jun 01, 2016

Cowboy College Approaching

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Drovers Cowboy College tailored to cow-calf operators will be held June 20-21, at the Sheraton in West Des Moines, Iowa.

17:55PM Oct 07, 2015

How to Prevent a Wreck Feeding High-Risk Cattle

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor

A ‘wreck’ is bound to happen when dealing with high-risk cattle in the feedlot, but their impact can be reduced.

07:10AM Apr 25, 2015

Double-Down On Your Cow-Calf Skills in Denver

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor

Producers will learn how to apply management practices to ensure the health, performance and quality of cattle

07:31AM Oct 25, 2014

Remove Risk From a Risky Business

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor

Beef Today’s Cowboy College offered feedlot crews an opportunity to learn more about dealing with high-risk cattle.