10:00AM Jun 18, 2020

Produce industry adapts, works toward reducing packaging materials

Jim Offner
AgWeb Contributor

Using fewer materials in packaging for fresh produce costs less in dollars as well as environmental impact, marketers say.

17:42PM May 07, 2020

A rocky road to stability as pandemic stretches on

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor

The road to the new normal as the COVID-19 crisis continues is a rocky one for many in the fresh produce industry.

15:58PM Apr 06, 2020

USDA relaxes regulations for imports of Chinese pears

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor

Import requirements for Chinese fragrant pears have been relaxed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

18:47PM Jan 05, 2020

Salix Fruits sees U.S. growth in 2019

Chris Koger
News Editor, The Packer

Distributor Salix Fruits ended 2019 with 30% growth over 2018, in part because of its imported Argentine lemon program in the U.S.

14:16PM Jan 02, 2020

China deal offers no immediate breakthrough for U.S. fruit exports

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor

The U.S. and China will sign what is being called a “phase one” trade deal by mid-January.

09:54AM Aug 27, 2019

China adds to fruit tariffs

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor

The hits keep on coming for U.S. fruit exporters.

10:29AM Aug 02, 2019

President Trump slaps Chinese imports with another tariff

Tom Karst
AgWeb Contributor

Unhappy with the progress of trade talks with China, President Trump will slap a 10% tariff on $300 billion worth of goods from China starting Sept. 1.