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LATEST NEWS FROM Biological Advancements

06:00AM Aug 10, 2019

A Campaign Focused on Science Over Fiction

Global Farmer Network
AgWeb Contributor
By Bill Horan: Rockwell City, Iowa Joe Biden said it well: “We choose science over fiction.” The former vice president and current presidential candidate was wrapping up his remarks on ...
06:00AM Jul 27, 2019

Science is Rescuing the Chestnut Tree

Global Farmer Network
AgWeb Contributor
By John Rigolizzo, Jr.: Berlin, New Jersey When we talk about an “ old chestnut ,” we usually mean a familiar story—sometimes one that’s been told so often that it ...
10:27AM Feb 26, 2019

Biologicals Come of Age

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
Industry investment and scientific breakthroughs could help close the yield gap
19:41PM Jun 12, 2018

Farm Sense: Biohacking Revolution

Clinton Griffiths
AgDay Anchor, Executive Producer
Biohacks are changing agriculture as we know it.
05:00AM May 26, 2018

Iowa State Team Wins Worldwide 2018 Food Solutions Challenge

Iowa State University
AgWeb Contributor
An Iowa State team received $5,000 for its proposal to improve the shelf life of cassava, which is a staple food in Africa and can rot within three days after
15:30PM May 18, 2018

Farm Sense: Biology Breakthroughs Exploding

Clinton Griffiths
AgDay Anchor, Executive Producer
Biological advancements continue to help solve previously unsolvable issues in agriculture including new hope in the fight against citrus greening
14:46PM Feb 27, 2018

Jimmy Frederick Booms 163 Bu. Soybeans

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor
Jimmy Frederick attributes 163.9 bu. soybeans to seed population, spacing and biologicals. Essentially, he says the booming yields were established when the planter rolled.