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06:00AM Aug 10, 2019

A Campaign Focused on Science Over Fiction

Global Farmer Network
AgWeb Contributor
By Bill Horan: Rockwell City, Iowa Joe Biden said it well: “We choose science over fiction.” The former vice president and current presidential candidate was wrapping up his remarks on ...
12:13PM Aug 07, 2019

Corteva Continues to Invest in Biologicals

Margy Eckelkamp
Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete
As part of this investment, Corteva will have rights to Lavie’s corn and soybean product pipelines.
06:00AM Jul 20, 2019

Let Africans Decide What is Best for Africa

Global Farmer Network
AgWeb Contributor
By Onyaole Patience Koku: Abuja, FCT, Nigeria The statement just came to me: “Let Africans decide what is best for Africa!” A European “expert” had offered a different opinion. In ...
14:17PM Mar 12, 2019

Gene-Edited Food Quietly Arrives in Restaurant Cooking Oil

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
Somewhere in the Midwest, a restaurant is frying foods with oil made from gene-edited soybeans. That's according to the company making the oil, which says it's the first commercial use
15:42PM Mar 04, 2019

Crop Tech - February 2019

Farm Journal Editors
AgWeb Contributor
Crop Tech - February 2019
09:39AM Jan 28, 2019

John's World: Univ. of Illinois Hacked Photosynthesis, Impact on Ag

Recently researchers at the University of Illinois announced what is a startling breakthrough in bioengineering. The best way to explain it is they hacked photosynthesis, and the impact on agriculture
14:09PM Nov 19, 2018

Gene-Editing Finding its Way to the Farm

Clinton Griffiths
AgDay Anchor, Executive Producer
Gene-editing technology promises to solve some of nature's biggest challenges.