LATEST NEWS FROM Markets (General)

16:03PM Sep 20, 2019

Parts of the Western Corn Belt are Underwater Again

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
Parts of the Missouri River Basin are underwater again with levels expecting to rise.
15:22PM Sep 20, 2019

Why You Need to Be Watching South America Right Now

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
AgDay's Clinton Griffiths talks with's Brian Splitt about why we shouldn't push South America's crop production to the back burner right now.
13:00PM Sep 20, 2019

Jerry Gulke: Market Potential Versus Reality

Jerry Gulke
Market Strategy Columnist
The words “potential” and “percentage of potential” have been bounced around during this unprecedented growing season.
09:00AM Sep 20, 2019

Just protecting jobs

Dan Hueber
AgWeb Contributor
Better than anticipated export sales helped breathe a little oxygen in the lungs of the corn and bean markets that were beginning to gasp for air yesterday. Barring some type ...
06:35AM Sep 19, 2019

Trying to thread the needle

Dan Hueber
AgWeb Contributor
While I thought news was difficult to come by yesterday morning, little did I realize that was just a primer for this morning. Yes, export sales will be released in ...
10:21AM Sep 18, 2019

Chip Flory: How to Manage Market Stress

Chip Flory
Host of AgriTalk and Farm Journal Economist
You can overcome emotion in marketing; it just takes prep work and daily attention.
09:12AM Sep 18, 2019

Repos are not always bad

Dan Hueber
AgWeb Contributor
With no additional attacks, or counter attacks occurring in Saudi Arabia, the crude oil market took a big sigh of relief yesterday and returned about 50% of the gains it ...