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Jerry Gulke WMR
15:08PM Aug 07, 2020

Jerry Gulke: Will USDA Report Cause Pre-Harvest Lows?

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

The grain markets took sizeable hits this week. December corn prices were down 6¢ and November soybean prices down nearly 25¢ for the week ending Aug. 7. September wheat prices

08:00AM Aug 05, 2020

Jerry Gulke: The Next Corn Mandate?

Jerry Gulke
Market Strategy Columnist

The ethanol mandate is wounded and there isn’t a 5-billion-bushel mandate on the horizon.

Chip Flory
09:52AM Aug 03, 2020

Chip Flory: What Happened to the Acres?

Chip Flory
Host of AgriTalk and Farm Journal Economist

Price. COVID-19. Demand destruction. These factors moved acres to the sidelines for 2020.

14:39PM Jul 31, 2020

Jerry Gulke: Have Prices Finally Reached A Bottom?

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Ample rain causing good spots to grow and dry spots to shrink is sending grain prices lower.

12:33PM Jul 31, 2020

Is China the Only Answer to Save Corn Prices This Year?

China made a monster buy of U.S. corn this week, but weather seemed to take center stage. So, what will it take to get corn prices to move higher? U.S

14:56PM Jul 30, 2020

Fulfilling the Promise of Immediate Availability of Crop Tour Data

Chip Flory
Host of AgriTalk and Farm Journal Economist

An original entry in the Pro Farmer mission statement was to level the playing field for information – to make sure farmers had the same access to supply and demand

09:10AM Jul 29, 2020

Pro Farmer's First Thing Today: Brazil Exports, Seed Mystery and More

Davis Michaelsen
Inputs Monitor Editor

: From Pro Farmer’s First Thing Today, these are some of the stories we are watching on Wednesday, July 29.