Down Corn
12:16PM Jul 20, 2020

Hail and Wind Damaged Corn: What You Need to Know

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor

While recent rainfall helped alleviate some of the drought stress across the Midwest, it came at a cost. High winds and hail mean some farmers are facing ugly fields, and

10:29AM Jul 07, 2020

July Scouting: Dry Conditions, Insect and Nutrient Concerns

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor

It seems like there is always something to scout in corn and soybeans, no matter what time of the year you hit the fields.

Joel Layman
08:00AM Jul 03, 2020

4 Questions To Ask Before Switching From GMO to Conventional Crops

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor

One of the greatest barriers to growing non-GMO corn or soybeans is often the risk—what if the yields aren’t as high as your experience with traited crops?

15:24PM Jul 02, 2020

Fungicide Q&A With Missy Bauer: Use on Later-Planted Beans & Timing

Katie Humphreys
Managing Editor

Farm Journal Test Plot results on fungicide use and return on investment on later-planted soybeans, timing and product type.

14:14PM Jul 02, 2020

3 Scouting Tips to Stay Ahead of Tar Spot

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor

Tar Spot has been lurking in Midwest fields since 2015—and possibly even earlier by escaping detection. In five years, it has spread to eight states and decimated yield potential in

08:37AM Feb 06, 2020

Disease Outlook 2020: Some New, Some Old Threats to Corn and Soybeans

Margy Eckelkamp
Director of Content Development, Machinery Pete

“It’s important to remember 2019 had excess rainfall and high humidity. So, it was a prime environment for a lot of diseases, and with the increase in disease, we have

14:31PM Dec 27, 2019

Gowan Company Acquires Two Active Ingredients From Bayer

Industry Press Release
AgWeb Contributor

The acquisition includes active ingredients Fenamidone and Pencycuron as well as product registrations and trademarks including Consento, Reason, Monceren, and Prestige, and related intellectual property and labels.