11:35AM Jun 30, 2020

Tester, Grassley Promote 50/14 Proposal

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Montana Senator John Tester and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley claim American farmers and ranchers face “a grave crisis, and it could hurt every family who buys meat at the grocery

07:15AM Jun 05, 2020

DOJ Subpoenas Big 4 Beef Packers

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

The Department of Justice on Thursday formally demanded information from America’s Big 4 U.S. beef packers regarding potential antitrust violations.

12:56PM Jun 04, 2020

Missouri Needs A Beef Packing Plant, Lawmakers Say

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Missouri lawmakers told a hearing in Jefferson City last week they hope to form a working group to explore the idea of helping secure a beef harvest and processing facility

13:34PM Jun 03, 2020

New Warning Signs For Fed Cattle Market

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

This first full-week following the Memorial Day holiday delivers signals cattle markets may see a second wave of downward pressure, the after-shocks of the COVID-19 earthquake.

09:50AM Jun 01, 2020

Derrell Peel: Beef Markets Move Past Disruptions

Barring a major setback, it appears that America's beef markets are moving past the worst of the COVID-19 disruptions that have caused upheaval in recent weeks.

15:11PM May 28, 2020

Cattle Backlog May Not Be As Large As Feared

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

While any tally of cattle waiting on shackle space is – at best – an estimate, an analysis of Cattle on Feed and slaughter data suggests estimates of 1 million

14:20PM May 22, 2020

Steve Cornett: A Phantom Itch

Steve Cornett
Editor Emeritus

"A lot of folks think we should mandate with a law—a federal LAW, mind you, because those always work out so well—that more feeders sell in the cash market. But