Markey-Alley Brad Hulett Consolidated Beef
13:58PM Nov 18, 2019

Anticipating Market Slow-Down Ahead Of Holiday

Brad Hulett
AgWeb Contributor
Packer market participation wasn’t as robust as it had been in earlier weeks, and packers have slowly added to their inventory ahead of the holidays.
12:57PM Nov 15, 2019

Promoting Growth And Grade

Miranda Reiman
AgWeb Contributor
Using implants correctly says Robbi Pritchard, longtime South Dakota State University ruminant nutritionist, “you can have all of the performance and all of the final product value you want.”
UNL Bred Heifers Black Baldies
10:18AM Nov 08, 2019

Nalivka: Cattle Numbers Indicate Optimism For 2020

John Nalivka
Economic Advisor
Beef cow slaughter in 2019 will be the highest relative to the overall cow herd since 2013, and suggests tighter supplies in 2020 and higher overall prices.
13:47PM Nov 06, 2019

Cattle And Beef Markets Post Significant Gains

Paul Dykstra
AgWeb Contributor
Cattle and boxed beef markets have posted significant gains over the past two weeks in a continuation of what has been an impressive recovery since the unsettled markets of August/September.
14:47PM Oct 29, 2019

Beef Packers Face Another Antitrust Lawsuit

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
America’s four largest beef packers face another lawsuit claiming antitrust violations since 2015, this one filed by a California distributor seeking treble damages.
09:32AM Oct 28, 2019

More Heifers On Feed Keeping Slaughter Higher In 2019

Friday's USDA cattle on feed report pegged heifer numbers at 39.1 of feedlot inventories, the highest percentage in more than 18 years, and year-to-date heifer slaughter is up more than
14:10PM Oct 25, 2019

Cash Cattle Higher, Cattle On Feed Down 1 Percent

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
Cash fed cattle sold $1 to $2 higher, but yearling feeder cattle sold uneven at auction with steer and heifer calves trading $1 to $4 lower.