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20:58PM Sep 10, 2019

Effort to Increase Marbling Without Increasing Overall Fatness

George Watson
AgWeb Contributor
USDA grant funds Texas Tech research project that hopes to identify the means by which development of marbling can be promoted without also increasing back fat.
09:56AM Aug 22, 2019

Retained Ownership 2019

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
This year's weather extremes will play a role in the success of calf marketing programs.
Full Circle Jersey Feeder Cattle
09:46AM Aug 22, 2019

Modern Reality of Crossbreeding

Jared Wareham
AgWeb Contributor
What is crossbreeding’s place or role in the beef industry? What will it look like over the next several decades? I
13:56PM Aug 08, 2019

What Makes A Bull Worth $ Millions?

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
An Angus bull sold for a record $1.51 million earlier this year. His new owners might be giddy if his ROI matches that of recently deceased Hoover Dam, a bull
09:38AM Jul 02, 2019

A One of a Kind Animal Germplasm Collection Reaches a Major Milestone

AgWeb Contributor
A sample of Duroc boar semen was the one millionth sample of animal germplasm to arrive at USDA-Agricultural Research Service's National Animal Germplasm Collection—a milestone in preserving genetic animal information.
13:00PM May 30, 2019

Moneyball for Cattle Is Creating an American Steak Renaissance

Wire Service
Today, cattlemen can pick out superior calves better than they ever have, as DNA testing gets cheaper and projections get more accurate.
21:42PM Apr 15, 2019

Holstein, Simmental Associations Partner with Beef-Dairy Cross Program

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor
The American Simmental Association and Holstein Association USA have come together in a first-of-its-kind branded program between beef and dairy breeds.