15:48PM Feb 27, 2020

Proactive Animal Health Means a Genetic Approach

Miranda Reiman
AgWeb Contributor

Imagine a world where you could breed cattle that never get sick.

13:10PM Feb 24, 2020

Cupid Shuffle Is A Milestone Champion

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Cupid Shuffle became the first Hereford chosen as Grand Champion steer at the Fort Worth Stock Show since 1982, bringing back memories of Conoco, the first crossbred picked as champion

UNL Nebraska Cow calf Pasture Range
13:49PM Feb 04, 2020

Justin Sexten: Simple Technology to Improve Reproductive Success

The number of sensor based technologies available to livestock producers continues to advance. Today there are machines and sensors being used to replicate human observation related to sight, sound and

11:55AM Feb 04, 2020

Gelbvieh Association Announces Carcass Data Collection Project

The American Gelbvieh Association (AGA) has announced a Carcass Data Collection Project as its latest breed improvement endeavor. It is a joint effort of the AGA and American Gelbvieh Foundation

11:37AM Jan 02, 2020

Justin Sexten: Improving On Average

Which is more financially advantageous on your ranch if the average is the same, uniformity from top to bottom or bottom-end discounts offset by premiums from top-end excellence?

11:26AM Dec 09, 2019

Capturing Value For Your Calves

Morgan Marley
AgWeb Contributor

Ranchers have more opportunities to receive added value for their calves than other segments, and panelists at the Range Beef Cow Symposium discussed how to accomplish such goals.

11:59AM Dec 04, 2019

Hereford Advantage Feeder Cattle Marketing Program Enhanced

Drovers news source
AgWeb Contributor

Designed to identify superior Hereford-influenced feeder cattle, the Hereford Advantage program now offers additional benefits to add value to feeder cattle.