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Trade tension
15:03PM Jan 31, 2019

Trade, COOL, Japan: Kent Bacus On NCBA Policy Priorities On AgriTalk

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor
“There's no other market that can absorb the beef volume and the value of what we're selling into Japan,” said Kent Bacus, NCBA director of trade and market access. “We
22:04PM Apr 17, 2018

Checkoff War May Impact Entire Agriculture Industry

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor
A checkoff war has farmers and livestock producers caught in the crossfire, and the ramifications could significantly impact the foundation of the beef and soybean checkoff system.
19:25PM Jun 23, 2017

Don't Drink The COOL-Aid

AgWeb Contributor
Mandatory Country Of Origin Labeling (COOL) is back in the news. Dropped after WTO rulings and predictions of financial losses, the controversial labeling issue has resurfaced in a lawsuit against
18:23PM Jan 26, 2017

Will Trump Team Resurrect MCOOL for Beef, Pork?

Jim Wiesemeyer & Roger Bernard
Washington Consultants
Key question as 'America first' focus comes from administration.
18:48PM Nov 18, 2016

Is COOL on the Front Burner Again?

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
The new president could bring country-of-origin labeling out of the deep freeze and back to the front burner.
12:31PM Jan 04, 2016

US Repeals Meat Labeling Law After Trade Rulings Against It

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
U.S. consumers will now find it harder to learn where their beef or pork was born, raised and slaughtered.
21:38PM Dec 18, 2015

Congress Shivers at $1 Billion Tariff Threat, Kills COOL

The battle over country-of-origin labeling (COOL) between the U.S. and its North American neighbors may finally be, well, cooling off.