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Reuters LaVoy Finicum Bundy Protest
13:25PM Sep 09, 2019

Lawsuit Dismissed In Lavoy Finicum’s Death

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
An Oregon judge on Friday dismissed a federal lawsuit related to the death of rancher Robert LaVoy Finicum, who was shot by Oregon State Police in January of 2016.
13:50PM Sep 05, 2019

Rumen Microbes: Hot Topic of Cattle Nutrition Research

Brittany Bowman
AgWeb Contributor
You may think you’re feeding cattle, but new research suggests the key is the rumen microbes within those cattle. Technology is providing a research breakthrough.
UNL Cow Calf Nursing Pasture
10:54AM Sep 03, 2019

Proper Cow Culling Is Important To Your Business

Glenn Selk
Oklahoma State University Extension beef specialist
Proper cow culling will reduce the chance that a cow carcass is condemned at the packing plant and becomes a money drain for the entire beef industry.
09:56AM Aug 22, 2019

Retained Ownership 2019

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
This year's weather extremes will play a role in the success of calf marketing programs.
09:07AM Aug 20, 2019

Diemel Brothers’ Suspect Faces New Charges

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
Additional charges have been filed against the Missouri farmer currently held without bail after the disappearance of Nick and Justin Diemel.
09:05AM Aug 19, 2019

The Cost Of Doing The Right Thing

Drovers news source
AgWeb Contributor
We can’t bet the farm on technological updates, but we can invest in doing the right thing, in technology that tracks and proves we are doing the right thing.
11:20AM Jul 30, 2019

Dan Murphy: How Not To Eat Meat

Dan Murphy
AgWeb Contributor
Here’s a case study demonstrating everything one shouldn’t do to promote the nutritional value and the culinary enjoyment of eating meat.