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Impossible Whopper
11:36AM Jan 28, 2020

How Popular Is Fake Meat In America?

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Research into consumer acceptance of alternative proteins reveals nearly a third of Americans believe fake meat products are simply incomparable to real meat.

14:33PM Jan 27, 2020

Alltech’s Annual Survey Finds First Production Decline in Nine Years

Katie James
AgWeb Contributor

Data from almost 30,000 feed mills indicate that ASF had a hand in the 1.07% decrease in metric tons of feed produced.

10:27AM Jan 20, 2020

Derrell Peel: Hay Stocks Up From Last Year But Still Below Average

Weather challenges in 2019 led to many questions about the quantity and quality of hay production and supply heading into 2020.

09:57AM Jan 09, 2020

Will Crop Residue Utilization Affect Herd Expansion?

Jared Wareham
AgWeb Contributor

Currently, residue utilization is limited by access and infrastructure. Good fencing around the available biomass resources still in the field tend to be the greatest barrier. If grazing isn’t an

10:49AM Dec 30, 2019

Slippery Salvation: Could Seaweed As Cow Feed Help Climate?

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Coastal Maine has a lot of seaweed, and a fair number of cows. A group of scientists and farmers think that pairing the two could help unlock a way to

07:00AM Dec 30, 2019

Top 6 Cattle Management Articles from Glenn Selk

Katie James
AgWeb Contributor

Emeritus extension specialist Glenn Selk shared a treasure trove of wisdom in 2019. Here are the six most popular.

07:00AM Dec 27, 2019

Top 10 Nutrition Articles of 2019

Katie James
AgWeb Contributor

Brush up on your nutrition basics with these most-read articles.