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09:56AM Aug 22, 2019

Retained Ownership 2019

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

This year's weather extremes will play a role in the success of calf marketing programs.

12:15PM May 03, 2019

Mixing Up Your Grazing Adding New Forages to Existing Pasture

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor

Adding different forages to existing grass stands can help reduce the amount of hay needed during the winter by expanding the grazing season during the late fall, winter and early

13:08PM Jan 24, 2019

Cattle Handling Strategies to Improve Postweaning Calf Health

AgWeb Guest Editor
AgWeb Contributor

When animals have health or performance problems it is almost always because the person in charge of taking care of them is not showing the proper interest in what they

20:56PM Dec 20, 2018

The Run Continues: December 2018 Cattle on Feed Up 2% Over Year Prior

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor

In November, U.S. feedlots set a record for 1.87 million head marketed, the highest Dec. 1 total since the series began recording in 1996.

14:32PM Dec 20, 2018

Missouri Man Pleads Guilty to $2.4 Million Cattle Wire Fraud Scheme

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor

More than $2.4 million worth of cattle were never bought in wire fraud scheme that spanned Missouri and Texas.

12:11PM Nov 21, 2018

Cattle Haulers: Get BQA Transportation Certification by 2020

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor

As producers rush to complete BQA certification, cattle haulers should also take note—they will need certification in the BQA Transportation program by Jan. 1, 2020.

15:06PM Jul 17, 2018

Preconditioning: More Options, Same Challenges

New supplements offer value but producers need to determine costs and potential returns for practices they adopt