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08:33AM Feb 13, 2020

Mastitis Guide Now Available in Spanish

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

The Guide illustrates the interactions of many of the agents that cause mastitis.

11:03AM Jan 07, 2020

Antibiotic Residues in Milk Continue to Drop

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

​​​​​​​Antibiotic residues in milk reached their lowest level in 24 years.

11:27AM Dec 17, 2019

New Website for REAL Seal Helps Consumers Sort Authentic from Fake

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

The new website will educate consumers about how real dairy foods compare to imitators.

11:20AM Nov 01, 2019

Colostrum From First Lactation Heifers: Feed it or Dump it?

Faith Cullens
AgWeb Contributor

Colostrum from first lactation animals should not immediately be discounted as inferior.

10:42AM Oct 18, 2019

Gloves: Are You Protecting Your Herd?

Amber Yutzy
AgWeb Contributor

Wearing gloves is a simple management tool that could help prevent bacteria and help to reduce your somatic cell count.

09:34AM Oct 10, 2019

FDA Proposes Banning Over-the-counter Antibiotic Sales

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

The ban is not immediate and will take at least two years to implement.

14:46PM Oct 09, 2019

Is Selective Dry-Cow Therapy Right For You?

Ron Erskine
AgWeb Contributor

Either do it right or flirt with disaster.