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11:20AM Nov 01, 2019

Colostrum From First Lactation Heifers: Feed it or Dump it?

Faith Cullens
AgWeb Contributor
Colostrum from first lactation animals should not immediately be discounted as inferior.
10:42AM Oct 18, 2019

Gloves: Are You Protecting Your Herd?

Amber Yutzy
AgWeb Contributor
Wearing gloves is a simple management tool that could help prevent bacteria and help to reduce your somatic cell count.
09:34AM Oct 10, 2019

FDA Proposes Banning Over-the-counter Antibiotic Sales

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor
The ban is not immediate and will take at least two years to implement.
14:46PM Oct 09, 2019

Is Selective Dry-Cow Therapy Right For You?

Ron Erskine
AgWeb Contributor
Either do it right or flirt with disaster.
12:24PM Sep 30, 2019

Look, Listen and Feel: A Livesaver

Leo Timms
AgWeb Contributor
Use your senses and these simple tools on a routine basis to assure healthy milking practices and equipment.
15:59PM Sep 24, 2019

Analysis: Looking At The Extra Components of Dairy

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor
“It used to be that] two-thirds of the milk check was protein value,” said Stephenson. “Butterfat picked up the other third. That [has now] flipped." What does this pattern mean
09:39AM Aug 28, 2019

Somatic Cell Counts Fall to Lowest Levels Ever in Upper Midwest

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor
Wisconsin reports the lowest state average, at 175,000 cells/mL, of the seven states or portions of states represented in the Upper Midwest Order.