LATEST NEWS FROM Dairy Nutrition

15:02PM Nov 11, 2019

"Pumpkage" - Putting Recycled Pumpkins to Use in the Cow's Diet

Brittany Bowman
AgWeb Contributor
After Halloween and Thanksgiving, put pumpkins in cattle rations instead of the dump.
08:00AM Nov 08, 2019

Keeping Scours Down when Feeding Volumes Go Up

Maureen Hanson
AgWeb Contributor
The best of intentions in feeding more liquid nutrients sometimes produces the negative consequence of scours.
09:46AM Oct 31, 2019

Plan for Winter Forage Needs

A total forage inventory should be done at least quarterly. After each specific crop is harvested, the forage inventory should be updated with the new amounts and inventoried by quality.
15:00PM Oct 28, 2019

Maximizing Feed Intake: Key for Transition Cow Success

Adrian Barragan
AgWeb Contributor
The transition period, known as the three weeks before and after parturition, is one of the most challenging times for dairy cows.
14:41PM Oct 21, 2019

Minding Mycotoxins: How to Protect Livestock in Direct Grain Sales

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
If you’re considering selling some of your wet grain to livestock owners, it’s important you determine who will test for mycotoxins. The season’s weather and conditions could mean mycotoxins spring
10:46AM Oct 16, 2019

Accelerated Milk Replacer Helps Calves Later On

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor
The accelerated milk replacer provides about twice as much dry matter per calf per day as traditional replacers.
09:00AM Oct 11, 2019

Online Forage Management Course Offered by Cornell

Maureen Hanson
AgWeb Contributor
A convenient and in-depth virtual course on forage management is being offered by Cornell University.