Corn Silage Harvest 079
09:31AM Nov 06, 2019

Yields Critical to ‘Grow or Buy' Decision

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor
The key is good records, and then knowing what it is costing you to raise feed.
09:55AM Oct 21, 2019

October Dairy Outlook: Cooling Feed Costs, Warming Milk Price

Virginia A Ishler
AgWeb Contributor
Strengthening milk price and weakening feed costs have improved. The interactions of projected production growth and strengthening Class III price for 2020 remain to be seen.
Corn Goldenstein Farm 36
09:43AM Oct 17, 2019

Late Corn Harvest Brings Lower Feed Cost Opportunities

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
With so much late-planted corn, it’s likely many farmers are struggling with wet grain.
16:06PM Oct 07, 2019

Analyst: How Do We Price Different Silage Quality This Year?

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter
It's no surprise corn maturity is behind pace. However, does this create a pricing problem for silage?
08:00AM Sep 30, 2019

Dairy Sense: Home Raised Feed Costs vs. Market Costs

Virginia A Ishler
AgWeb Contributor
Costs associated with the cropping enterprise are extremely important whether a producer has a livestock operation or growing cash crops.
11:05AM Aug 14, 2019

The Three R's of Nutrient Byproducts

Taylor Leach
AgWeb Contributor
As sustainability continues to be a hot topic amongst consumers, many farmers are looking for new ways to reduce their carbon “hoofprint.”
10:42AM Aug 01, 2019

Stretch Limited Forage Supplies

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor
First and foremost, work with your nutritionist to re-formulate diets for lower forage levels.