LATEST NEWS FROM Nutrient Management

11:06AM Jun 25, 2020

Feed Additive Reduces Methane Emissions Up to 40 Percent In Dairy Cows

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

The additive reduces methane emissions and potentially increased feed efficiency.

09:09AM Apr 14, 2020

Recommendations for Land Spreading Milk or Manure/Milk Mixtures

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

On average, 1,000 gallons of milk contains 46 lb of nitrogen (N), 26 lb of P₂O₅ and 17 lb of K₂O.

12:17PM Mar 09, 2020

Spring Manure Applications Require Caution

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

Applying manure to snow-covered, frozen or saturated soils increases the risk of nutrient loss.

09:59AM Mar 05, 2020

Nitrate Levels Rising In Minnesota Rural Water Utilities

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

Levels are still less than half the Federal limit of 10 ppm.

18:16PM Feb 05, 2020

Winter Manure Application: Look for Ways to Manage Risk

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor

The late harvest of 2019 paired with winter’s timely arrival means a lot of farmers did not get manure on fields before snow or frost.

08:38AM Feb 04, 2020

Interseeding Alfalfa Into Corn Shows Promise

Jim Dickrell
Dairy Editor

Runoff rates of soil and nutrients in the corn interseeded with alfalfa are also substantially reduced.

15:37PM Jan 20, 2020

12 Things to Consider Before Spreading Manure this Winter

Taylor Leach
AgWeb Contributor

With crops now off the field for the majority of the country, livestock producers are starting to face a different “crappy” situation. Full manure pits.