12:16PM Dec 30, 2019

Markets Trade During Holiday Week, What’s Ahead for 2020?

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

Markets are trading during a Holiday week, which means anything can happen. However, some wonder if last week’s closes will punt higher closes for this week too.

15:40PM Nov 26, 2019

Fair Oaks Farms: Letting Machines Do the Milking

Betsy Jibben
National Reporter

Producers look at Washington to see if any farm labor or immigration laws will be passed to help the ag industry. Fair Oaks Farms in Northern Indiana, is moving towards

Whitesides Dairy 030
13:19PM Nov 22, 2019

In the Age of Animal Activism, Is Your Farm a Target Next?

This year Fair Oaks Farms was targeted by an activist group; a wake-up call for many dairies who fear their farm could be next. So, what are signs that could

11:58AM Nov 22, 2019

U of I Economist: Net Income Will Decline More Than $80,000 per Farm

AgDay TV
AgWeb Contributor

The University of Illinois says it will affect farm incomes this year. Economists reporting net incomes in Illinois will decline more than $80,000 per farm from last year's levels.

01:00AM Aug 30, 2019

Including Employees in the Decision-Making Process

Many farm owners believe that that they must constantly “ride herd” over their employees. But that's not the best practice.

08:57AM Jul 25, 2019

Alltech Offers New Employee Management Tools

Mike Opperman
MILK Editor

New tool helps dairy producers identify personality traits that will aid in hiring the right employees for the operation.

10:08AM Jul 15, 2019

Building a Dairy Farm Team

Would anyone doubt that a successful dairy farm requires a team effort?