10:34AM Jan 24, 2020

Seeking Solutions for Feedlot Heart Disease

Researchers Identify Genomic Markers for Risk of Bovine Congestive Heart Failure

09:20AM Jan 20, 2020

Glenn Selk: Signs of Impending Calving in Cows or Heifers

Glenn Selk
Oklahoma State University Extension beef specialist

As the spring calving season begins, beef cows will show typical signs that will indicate to the rancher that parturition is imminent.

10:47AM Jan 16, 2020

Massive Brewster Ranch Listed For $320 Million

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

The 420,000-acre Brewster Ranch, now for sale in far West Texas, was assembled over several years by Kentucky businessman Brad Kelley.

11:52AM Jan 14, 2020

Beef Packers Seek Dismissal Of Antitrust Lawsuit

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Lawyers for America’s largest beef packing companies asked a federal judge on Friday to dismiss the class action suit filed against them by a group of ranchers last year.

11:13AM Dec 30, 2019

Derrell Peel: Take Stock And Look Forward

No matter how cow-calf producers judge the past year – good, just okay or disappointing – there is value in taking some time to analyze the reasons for the outcome.

10:49AM Dec 30, 2019

Slippery Salvation: Could Seaweed As Cow Feed Help Climate?

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Coastal Maine has a lot of seaweed, and a fair number of cows. A group of scientists and farmers think that pairing the two could help unlock a way to

17:03PM Dec 20, 2019

Christmas Rally Adds $1 To $2 To Fed Cattle

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Cash cattle prices traded $1 to $2 ahead of Friday's USDA Cattle on Feed report which reported a 2.5% increase in the number of cattle in feedlots.