12:29PM Apr 09, 2020

COVID-19 Creates A New Normal

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Changes are coming, thanks to the sudden lock-down America and much of the rest of the world are experiencing due to COVID-19.

16:54PM Feb 19, 2020

Progressive Beef™ Celebrates Record Growth

Drovers news source
AgWeb Contributor

Progressive Beef™, a cattle management and sustainability system for feedlots, says more than two million cattle have been certified through the program and nearly four million cattle will be certified

14:07PM Jan 10, 2020

Walmart Enters The Beef Business With Packing Facility In Georgia

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Walmart held a grand opening of its Thomasville, Georgia, beef processing facility that will supply Black Angus beef to some 500 of its retail stores in the southeast.

11:46AM Dec 02, 2019

Justin Sexten: Data-Driven Decisions

New research highlights the ability of behavior monitoring to predict disease while enhancing health outcomes and making the pen rider's job easier.

11:43AM Nov 21, 2019

John Nalivka: Branded Beef Programs And Knowing Your Costs

John Nalivka
Economic Advisor

Ranchers can no longer consider their end product as calves or yearlings, with their role in the industry complete once those calves or yearlings are loaded on a truck and

15:40PM Nov 19, 2019

Mass Treat - Still Hard to Beat

Metaphylaxis remains a cost-effective tool for managing high-risk arrivals, but refinements could reduce the number of antibiotic treatments.

09:08AM Nov 18, 2019

Cattle industry focus on animal health begins at the ranch

Preconditioning programs add value to cattle and the value is consistently reflected in premiums for certified preconditioned calves sold under specific programs.