10:57AM Nov 18, 2019

Managing the hospital pen

Hospital pens play a key role in helping animals recover from sickness, and also in preventing the spread of disease to other cattle in a feedlot.

10:28AM Sep 25, 2019

How Metaphylaxis Controls Disease

Numerous controlled and blinded trials have shown that in high-risk calves arriving at feedlots or stocker operations, mass treatment with an antibiotic significantly reduces BRD sick pulls and mortality.

17:20PM Oct 17, 2018

Del Miles Says Show Me the Data

Feedyard Veterinary Consultant Del Miles combines rigorous science with good-old hard work.

10:11AM Sep 04, 2018

Nebraska Cattle Feeders Agree to Pay EPA Water Fines for Manure Runoff

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor

Two feedlots in northeast Nebraska have reached a settlement with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) following the discovery of manure runoff issues.

16:35PM Jul 31, 2018

Bartlett Exits Cattle Feeding; Green Plains Expands to 355,000 Head

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor

Green Plains Cattle Co. continues to grow after buying Bartlett Cattle Company's two feedlots, leaving Bartlett & Co. with no feedlots and raising Green Plains capacity to 355,000 head.

15:15PM Apr 20, 2018

Classroom to Feedyard: High School Researcher Tackles Coccidiosis

In her research report, Chesney Reeves, a high school student from Central City, Neb., says coccidia was present in 100% of the pens tested and in over 50% of the

13:18PM Mar 19, 2018

Sale of World’s Largest Cattle Feeder JBS Five Rivers Finalized

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor

The world's largest cattle feeder has officially been purchased by Pinnacle Asset Management for $200 million.