15:53PM Apr 09, 2020

USDA Confirms Highly Pathogenic H7N3 Avian Influenza in Turkey Flock

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor

USDA's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) confirmed the presence of highly pathogenic H7N3 avian influenza (HPAI) in a commercial turkey flock in Chesterfield County, S.C.

06:27AM Jan 02, 2020

Bird Flu Kills 25,000 Turkeys in Eastern Poland, Sparks Cull

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Authorities in eastern Poland say bird flu is responsible for the deaths of at least 25,000 turkeys in poultry farms near the country's borders with Ukraine and Belarus.

U.S. Meat Production
13:25PM Nov 25, 2019

Meat’s Plate Share Grows

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

U.S. livestock sector backed by domestic, global demand

11:00AM Nov 21, 2018

Through The Eyes Of A Turkey: From Barn To Table

Anna-Lisa Laca
Online and Business Editor

On this week’s episode of The First Years podcast, Kent walks listeners through the life of a turkey from barn to table.

10:47AM Nov 21, 2018

Food Safety Scares Ahead of Thanksgiving Dinner

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor

Ahead of the holiday week, consumers are being warned by government watchdogs about food safety and disease traceability. Here’s a quick run down on how to keep your holiday menu

10:54AM Nov 14, 2018

Turkey Prices Hit A 10-Year Low Ahead of Thanksgiving

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor

Grocery shoppers are getting a gift ahead of Thanksgiving, with the lowest turkey prices in the past 10 years.

16:46PM Jan 22, 2018

More Meat, Please

Katie Humphreys
Managing Editor

After remaining fairly steady from 2008 to 2014, total U.S. meat production began to sharply increase in 2015—and consumers have responded by increasing annual meat consumption by 20 lb. in