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15:49PM Aug 06, 2019

Video: Escaped Longhorn Roped Inside Building In Colorado Springs

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
The annual Ride for the Brand cattle drive through downtown Colorado Springs took an exciting twist.
17:07PM Apr 17, 2019

Carl’s Jr. To Debut Cannabis-Infused Burger

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
Carl's Jr. will debut a CBD-infused "Rocky Mountain High: CheeseBurger Delight" at a single location in Denver on Saturday, April 20.
18:22PM Mar 28, 2019

Utah Trial For Man Accused Of Attempt To Kill Cattle

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
A Colorado man accused of trying to kill a Utah rancher's cattle is scheduled to go to trial next week.
09:45AM Jan 14, 2019

2019 National Western is Last Chance to Visit Old Stockyards

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor
This year's National Western Stock Show is the "Year of the Yards," because after more than five decades in their current location, the yards will be moved next year to
15:33PM Dec 18, 2018

Colorado Police Seek Help in Finding 56 Bred Heifers

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor
A rancher estimates that $75,000 worth of bred heifers were stolen from his property east of Denver.
17:58PM Oct 19, 2018

Predatory Animal Sanctuary in Colorado Cattle Country Raises Questions

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor
Construction of a large predatory animal sanctuary in Colorado has caught the attention of cattlemen and local residents, sparking concern and questions about land use, property rights and public and
16:56PM Sep 20, 2018

Cargill Recalls 130,000 lb. of Ground Beef for E. Coli Contamination

Wyatt Bechtel
Associate Editor
One death and 17 illnesses have resulted from an E. coli contamination that has forced Cargill to recall more than 130,000 lb. of ground beef.