U.S., China
15:20PM Sep 27, 2019

China Is Continuing to Buy U.S. Soybeans

Marjorie Kulba
AgWeb Contributor
The USDA announced another flash sale of soybeans to China on Friday.
16:02PM May 13, 2019

President Trump Promising Trade Aid to Producers

Marjorie Kulba
AgWeb Contributor
President Trump talked more about the tariffs with China and about aid for producers hit hard by the ongoing trade war with China.
15:44PM Jan 29, 2019

Insights from Alltech’s Global Feed Survey

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor
Global feed production is at an all-time high. In the 2019 Global Feed Survey, Alltech estimates a 3% growth to 1.068 billion metric tons of feed produced.
15:03PM Jan 07, 2019

TRADE UPDATE: China Reportedly Buying More U.S. Soybeans

Marjorie Kulba
AgWeb Contributor
Reuters is reporting China bought more U.S. soybeans on Monday.
12:33PM Jan 07, 2019

Are More Soybeans Heading to China? The Question is Hard to Answer

Marjorie Kulba
AgWeb Contributor
Several of the biggest crop production reports of the year are now delayed due to the government shutdown.
16:08PM Nov 28, 2018

President Trump Expects to Put More Tariffs on Imports From China

Marjorie Kulba
AgWeb Contributor
The President says he expects to put more tariffs on imports from China.
20:56PM Nov 09, 2018

UPDATE: USDA Suprises With Adjustment to Chinese Corn Stocks

AgWeb Guest Editor
AgWeb Contributor
One of the biggest surprises in the USDA World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates report came in the adjustments to Chinese corn stocks.