15:44PM Jan 29, 2019

Insights from Alltech’s Global Feed Survey

Sara Brown
Livestock and Production Editor

Global feed production is at an all-time high. In the 2019 Global Feed Survey, Alltech estimates a 3% growth to 1.068 billion metric tons of feed produced.

08:55AM Jul 25, 2018

U.S. Red Meat Making Progress in South African Market

AgWeb Contributor

U.S. beef and pork regained access to South Africa in 2016. South Africa ranks as the second-largest destination for U.S. beef livers. Pork exports have been slower.

22:17PM Dec 21, 2017

South African Drought Slams Everything From Grapes to Lambs

Wire Service

Wheat-crop forecast was cut again as dryness hurts yields.

12:33PM Oct 26, 2017

Technology Brings More Nutritious Foods to Africa

New technology has exploded onto the agricultural scene, and it’s never been more affordable for small farms. Technology could be a weapon to fight poverty while improving nutrition.

15:00PM Oct 25, 2017

Conflict and Climate Change Key Issues in Hunger

Eleanor C Hasenbeck
AgWeb Contributor

In Africa’s growing cities, demand for more diverse and nutritious food is expected to triple within the next 20 years. Yet in Africa’s rural areas, farmers can barely produce enough

10:08AM Oct 24, 2017

Poor Nutrition Risk on the Rise in Urban Areas

Megan Tyminski
AgWeb Contributor

Both rural farmers and urban residents suffer from malnutrition, however with 66 percent of the world’s population projected to be urban by 2050.

13:45PM Oct 23, 2017

'Bread for the World' Sends Message to Senate

Emma Beyer
AgWeb Contributor

The message from Bread for the World was simple: the U.S. needs to continue to support hungry people around the world. Rev. David Beckmann, president of the organization, called for