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07:41AM Aug 07, 2019

Marfrig Joins ADM To Produce Fake Meat

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
Marfrig Global Foods announced this week it has joined with Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) to produce vegetable protein products in Brazil.
10:20AM Jun 05, 2019

JBS Probe Nears Completion in Road to Redemption for Meat Giant

Wire Service
Expected to offer evidence of wrongdoings unveiled by Batistas.
Bloomberg Meat Packer Rail
13:48PM May 31, 2019

BRF and Marfrig Begin Talks to Form New Global Meat Giant

Wire Service
A memorandum of understanding signed to ‘deepen discussions’ about combining businesses would bring scale and savings in global meat business.
11:30AM Feb 19, 2019

As Heat Scorches Fields, Brazil's Soy Yields Prove Resilient

Wire Service
Fields across Brazil’s Mato Grosso have been plagued by dryness and scorching heat this season, but thanks to better crop technology, farmers could still end up with a record harvest.
14:08PM Feb 11, 2019

USDA Releases Multiple Reports Producers Have Been Waiting For

Marjorie Kulba
AgWeb Contributor
The USDA released a lot of data that producers have been waiting for on Friday.
13:53PM Jan 24, 2019

Brazil Hot and Dry, Early Soybean Yields Disappoint

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
Mother Nature is taking her toll on one of U.S. farmers’ biggest rivals, Brazil. Corn and soybean yields are suffering as rain continues to evade parts of the country.
07:30AM Jan 10, 2019

Whoppers Sizzle in Steak Land as Burger King Rises in Brazil

Wire Service
Dominant McDonald’s sees rival add site every three-four days as recession-wracked populace skipping expensive steak houses.