LATEST NEWS FROM Poultry (General)

15:04PM Sep 10, 2019

Proposal Could Stop All New Livestock Operations In Nebraska

Sonja Begemann
Seeds and Crop Production Editor
Earlier this week a coalition of Nebraska citizens joined together to push against large livestock operations in the state. If the petition is followed, it would put a temporary stop
06:01AM Aug 17, 2019

Technology Delivers Meat and Protein Choices

Global Farmer Network
AgWeb Contributor
By Carol Keiser: Belleair, Florida The “ meatless revolution ” is underway, according to the Wall Street Journal—but in this supposed upheaval, people aren’t quitting meat in the conventional sense. ...
09:45AM Aug 13, 2019

Chicken or Egg: Which came first? It's enough to make you wacky!

Leigh Rubin
AgWeb Contributor
ATTN: GRAPESTOMPING COW IN YOUTUBE VIDEO BELOW. (REALLY!) Hi All! Thought you might enjoy the pilot episode of, Drawing Inspiration, a family friendly TV show my creative partner and I ...
13:00PM Aug 08, 2019

Tyson Bets on Robots to Tackle Meat Industry's Worker Shortage

Wire Service
When you visit a meat plant, humans are completing tasks like stacking pallets and packing chicken drumsticks. But Tyson Foods Inc. thinks robots can do it all.
07:19AM Jul 18, 2019

Tyson Sued Over Deceptive Advertising

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director
Claiming consumers have been misled, two consumer advocacy groups have sued Tyson Foods, Inc., over the meat packer’s sustainability and environmental practices.
09:15AM Jul 04, 2019

Celebrity Chefs Could Reduce Foodborne Illnesses, Study Says

Purdue University
AgWeb Contributor
Foodborne illnesses is a big problem, but a Purdue University study shows few people use thermometers in cooking meat. Celebrity chefs have a role in educating consumers to use proper
13:46PM Jun 25, 2019

U.S. Probes Claims of Poultry Price-Fixing

Wire Service
The U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into allegations that chicken processors, including Tyson Foods Inc., Pilgrim’s Pride Corp. and Sanderson Farms Inc., conspired to fix prices.