Longhorned tick
15:21PM Jan 28, 2020

WVDA Confirms Theileria in West Virginia

The West Virginia Department of Agriculture (WVDA) has confirmed the presence of Theileria orientalis Ikeda genotype in three West Virginia counties.

12:49PM Jan 28, 2020

Angus VNR: Improve, Document Genetics

Certified Angus Beef
AgWeb Contributor

The key to making cattle more competitive in the bidding world is in their genetics, and the growing programs that document them.

Impossible Whopper
11:36AM Jan 28, 2020

How Popular Is Fake Meat In America?

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Research into consumer acceptance of alternative proteins reveals nearly a third of Americans believe fake meat products are simply incomparable to real meat.

09:39AM Jan 28, 2020

What to Expect from the 2020s

Part 3: Animal genetics

14:33PM Jan 27, 2020

Alltech’s Annual Survey Finds First Production Decline in Nine Years

Katie James
AgWeb Contributor

Data from almost 30,000 feed mills indicate that ASF had a hand in the 1.07% decrease in metric tons of feed produced.

10:22AM Jan 27, 2020

Veterinarians Weigh in on Trends, Expectations for the 2020s

Part 2: Medical Technology

17:48PM Jan 25, 2020

Super Bowl: SF Writer Throws Shade On 'Cowtown'

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

The hype leading up to Sunday's big game becomes mind-boggling, which is the only logical explanation for Scott Ostler’s poke in Kansas City’s collective eye with a sharp stick.