14:22PM Jul 06, 2020

Production Disruptions Slow May Exports of Beef, Pork

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Production slowdowns at American meatpacking facilities caused by the coronavirus pandemic this spring produced declines in exports for both beef and pork during May.

17:01PM Jul 02, 2020

Salmonella Dublin Makes Inroads In The Beef Industry

Rhonda Brooks
AgWeb Contributor

The issue is commonly thought of as a problem in the dairy industry, but it's impacting beef as well.

13:56PM Jul 02, 2020

How Imports Add Value To American Beef

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Understanding U.S. beef import strategy requires an understanding of the U.S. hamburger market. Without imported lean trimmings, for instance, U.S. cow slaughter would need to double to meet demand.

08:00AM Jul 02, 2020

RancHER - Life on the Ranch for a Missouri Millennial Mom

Kalena Bruce wears many hats. Residing in Cedar County, Missouri in the Stockton Lake area, Kalena is a mother, rancher and accountant. Her days are long but her outlook on

06:00AM Jul 02, 2020

3 Things to Consider When You Haul Livestock this Summer

Shelia Grobosky
AgWeb Contributor

Young people are traveling further, even across several states and time zones to get to get their animals out of the barn and in the ring to jackpot shows, with

12:40PM Jul 01, 2020

USMCA: A Great Opportunity with Our Neighbors, Heimerl Says

Jennifer Shike
AgWeb Contributor

USMCA’s enactment is a critical step forward for the U.S. meat and poultry industry that exports $5.5 billion annually to Canada and Mexico.

11:35AM Jun 30, 2020

Tester, Grassley Promote 50/14 Proposal

Greg Henderson
Editorial Director

Montana Senator John Tester and Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley claim American farmers and ranchers face “a grave crisis, and it could hurt every family who buys meat at the grocery