Rena Striegel
16:28PM Mar 27, 2020

Legacy Project: Build Your Circle of Trust

“We often take for granted people will understand what to do with information. This is typically not the case.”

11:01AM Feb 14, 2020

Legacy Project: Step 1: Write Down Your Goals

Paul Neiffer
The Farm CPA Blogger

Written and shared goals for the family and farm are vital in the succession planning process.

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10:59AM Jan 09, 2020

4 Farm Succession Strategies

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Here’s how to start, continue and succeed in your farm’s transition plan.

07:34AM Dec 18, 2019

Define Your Family Business Investment Policy

Dick Wittman
Wittman Consulting

Members of the farm ownership team are primarily responsible for deciding how to ensure the business has adequate capital to maintain a sustainable business.

13:31PM Dec 11, 2019

Transfer Knowledge Before Assets

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

Coach, develop and mentor your farm’s successor

09:49AM Dec 09, 2019

Polly Dobbs: Protect Your Farm and Assets From Divorce

Polly Dobbs
Attorney, Starr Austen & Miller

My clients frequently ask: “What happens to the farm if my kids get divorced?” Once we dig into the contingencies of divorces, most folks want to work in more layers

09:30AM Dec 05, 2019

Rena Striegel: Succession Planning Takes Leadership

Remember the four Cs: clarity, certainty, continuity and communication.