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09:51AM Apr 27, 2020

Polly Dobbs: What Happens If I Die Without a Will?

Polly Dobbs
Attorney, Starr Austen & Miller

“Any money saved by not paying a lawyer to draft a will and succession plan, will be outweighed by the expenses associated with a family feud.”

09:44AM Apr 07, 2020

Don’t Struggle to Release the Farm Reins – Take These 6 Steps

Sara Schafer
Sara Schafer

You are blessed with successors who are next in line to manage the operation. Are you allowing and encouraging them to grow and be creative?

13:55PM Mar 31, 2020

What's Your Insurance Policy Actually Cover? Ohio Farmer Shares Tips

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AgWeb Contributor

What Does Your Insurance Policy Actually Cover? Ohio Farmer Shares Tips

16:28PM Mar 27, 2020

Legacy Project: Build Your Circle of Trust

“We often take for granted people will understand what to do with information. This is typically not the case.”

09:58AM Mar 20, 2020

Prepare for the Long-Term Care of Your Farm

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AgWeb Contributor

Land As Your Legacy – Preparing the farm for retirement

09:28AM Mar 20, 2020

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Social Security Benefits

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AgWeb Contributor

What does it take to be eligible for Social Security retirement benefits?

11:01AM Feb 14, 2020

Legacy Project: Step 1: Write Down Your Goals

Paul Neiffer
The Farm CPA Blogger

Written and shared goals for the family and farm are vital in the succession planning process.