18:57PM Jul 06, 2015

Farm Use of Drones to Take Off as U.S. Loosens Restrictions

Associated Press
AgWeb Contributor

Agricultural use of drones is about to take off in the U.S. after being grounded for years by the lack of federal guidelines.

15:20PM Jul 06, 2015

Drones: Start Small To Build Big Confidence

Practice makes perfect – and inexpensive practice can prove quite valuable when investing in new technology that could cost thousands of dollars.

12:00PM Jul 03, 2015

India to Spend $7.9 Billion to Expand Irrigated Land

Wire Service

India will spend 500 billion rupees ($7.9 billion) over five years to expand irrigation as it seeks to help farmers improve crop yields and feed the nation’s 1.25 billion people.

15:18PM Jun 29, 2015

Get Smart With Drones

What you should know before you let the technology soar on your farm.

07:14AM Jun 27, 2015

Big Pictures Reveal Field Issues

Chris Bennett
Technology and Issues Editor

The latest farm technology unleashes yield opportunities throughout the season

07:07AM Jun 27, 2015

Time to Rethink Your Water Program

Aimee Cope
Multimedia Machinery and Crop Editor

Test plot research shows consistent yield gains using variable-rate irrigation

07:01AM Jun 27, 2015

In-the-Field Apps to the Rescue

Gain agronomic insights on the go with these mobile tools