Our new series highlighting mobile technology and its many uses in agriculture.

Technology on the Move

  • Report: Drone ROI Averages $15 Per Acre

    03/30/2017 12:42 PM

    Many farmers know approximately what a drone might cost. Fewer know what return on that agtech investment might bring – but a new report brings fresh ROI insights.

  • Exclusive: AgriFly Network Launches On-Demand Aerial Application
    03/22/2017 06:40 AM

    App connects farmers, retailers, ag consultants and aerial applicators.

  • DroneDeploy, CNH Industrial Collaborate on Farming Package
    02/23/2017 01:42 PM

    DroneDeply announces it is collaborating with CNH Industrial to offer a new drone data package called PLM Drone Data Manager, which can help farmers collect aerial data mapping for their operation. Ideally, the technology can help uncover any number of in-season opportunities, such as adjusting a fertilizer program on the go or identifying pests or analyzing plant counts and stand establishment.

  • A New Breed of Necessary Maverick
    01/03/2017 02:32 PM

    Nature or nurture, Brutlag, 29, is a prime example of agriculture’s new breed: A mix of dirt, metal, digital technology, marketing and analytics bound in one package. Simply, there are not many farmers with a diversification footprint to match Brutlag. 

  • Want To Know The Future Of Farming? Just Ask!
    12/28/2016 11:42 AM

    Steve Cubbage shares his view of the future of farming

  • This App Maps Your Soil Fertility Needs
    11/02/2016 02:44 PM

    Tiger-Sul has announced a new Nutrient Calculator app that the company says will help farmers more accurately plan for fertilizer applications and meet their soil’s nutrient needs.

  • Make Better Management Decisions With This Multi-Tool App
    09/12/2016 09:30 AM

    According to the Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation, production agriculture is more efficient and mobile than it ever has been, thanks in part to the wide variety of farming and ranching apps available. The organization announced recently that it has developed its own ag app that performs a variety of on-farm calculations. 

  • How Social Media Shook Up Crop Tour's Playing Field
    09/07/2016 02:29 AM

    Online tools give fans virtual access to yield-gathering process

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