Top Producer Seminar - 2014 Presentations



Ahead of the Pack

Jan. 29 - 31, 2014

Hilton Chicago Hotel,Chicago, Ill.


Select 2014 Presentations


2014 Tomorrow's Top Producer

How to Improve Your Operation – One Financial Marker at a Time, Moe Russell, Russell Consulting

Learn How to Play the Grain Marketing Game, Bill Biedermann, Allendale, Inc.

How to Maximize Your Business Relationships, Rod Osthus, R.C. Thomas Company

Become Your Landlord’s Favorite Tenant, Mark Gannon, Gannon Real Estate & Consulting

Getting Stuck in the Middle; Battling Work-Life Balance, Laura Cornille-Cannady, Organization & Family Business Consultant

How to Trade Around USDA Reports, Tom Grisafi, Indiana Grain Company

How to Navigate the Complex World of Trading Options, Brian Grete, Pro Farmer

Building Your Brand, Bret Oelke, University of Minnesota

Strategic Positioning for a Volatile Ag Environment, Mike Boehlje, Purdue University


2014 Top Producer Seminar

Global Agricultural Outlook and Implications for the USA, Terry Barr, Senior Director, Knowledge Exchange Division, CoBank

Structuring Decisions: The Tools to Make Fork-in-the-Road Decisions, Mike Boehlje, Ag Economist, Purdue University

From Farm to Community: How to be Smart About Your Assets and Philanthropy, Johnne Syverson, President, Transition Point Business Advisors

Macro-Economic Changes in Ag From a 30,000’ View, Moe Russell, Co-Founder and President, Russell Consulting Group

5 Tools for Human Resource Managers, Laura A. Cornille-Cannady, Organization & Farm Business Consultant

Tax Tips for 2014, Paul Neiffer, CPA, Partner, Clifton Larson Allen, author of "The Farm CPA Blog and Column"

Crop Insurance Strategy and Preparation for 2015, Jamie Wasemiller, The Gulke Group

Cash Rent Analysis for a New Era, Darrell Dunteman, Bonnett and Dunteman LLC Certified Public Accountants and Consultants

Maximizing Your Profits in 2014, Chris Barron, President, Carson & Barron Farms

What’s Moving in Markets in 2014, Dave Fogel, Advance Trading

Financial Reporting Under Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, Thomas Bayer, CPA, Partner, Sikich LLP

Business Exit Planning for the Family Farm, Thomas Bayer, CPA, Partner, Sikich LLP

Succession Planning Tips, Alan Richardson, Transition Point Business Advisors

How to Maximize Social Security Benefits in Your Farm Business, Paul Neiffer, CPA, Partner, Clifton Larson Allen, author of "The Farm CPA Blog and Column"

The Impact of Climate Volatility on Commodity Yields & Prices, Simon Atkins, Climate Economist, Advanced Forecasting Corporation 

2014 Protein Sector Outlook, Tom Elam, President, FarmEcon LLC

The Fairytale Farm Bill, Economics and You, Roger Bernard, Informa Economics

The Beginning of Systematic Change in Agriculture, Jerry Gulke, The Gulke Group