Farmers of 2043

Meet the farmers of the future...


Luke Hansen, Austin, Minn.

Luke Hansen is 6 years old and lives on Hansen Farms south of Austin, Minn. Luke lives and breathes farming and had a tough transition to kindergarten last fall because he thought he had too much work to do on the farm to be at school all day. He has a large line of equipment for his pedal tractors that he farms the front yard through the seasons just like dad. He helps his two older sisters raise beef cattle for 4H and they all have leased dairy heifers to exhibit at the county fàir. There is no question that he will be farming the family farm in 30 years!


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Do you have a youngster between the ages of 4 and 7 or know someone that does? We want to hear what they think about the future of farming. Take a 1- to 2-minute video of them on your phone, camera or video recorder and upload below.


Please ask for their name, hometown and state, what type of farm they have and what they think will change on the farm during the next 30 years. Feel free to ask different questions, too. The more we have, the better. We will feature these online as part of Top Producer’s Anniversary Issue.


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