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Top Producer March/April 2020
Top Producer March/April 2020

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Your Farm Needs a Continuity Plan

Your business is vulnerable. Accidents, natural disasters or a rapid retirement of a long-time employee could cause your farm to come to a screeching halt. How can you mitigate those risks?

Your Job Interview Checklist

Follow a thorough process to hire great people 

With unemployment skyrocketing due to the coronavirus pandemic, you might have the chance to add some new team members.

Why You Should Keep A Decision Journal

Record, analyze and revisit how you evaluate opportunities  

“Best cash sale I’ve ever made farming.” Maggie Holub wrote those few words on June 14, 2019, in her grain marketing Excel jou

Four Ways Conservation Pays

Building trust in food begins with empowering farmers through one of the largest and most diverse conservation- and sustainability-focused public-private partnerships in our nation’s history: Am

Plan for Grain Market Price Pops

Q: Besides weather, what are one or two other factors you are watching that can create late spring and summer pricing opportunities?

Brian Grete

John Phipps: The Rise of Agrinationalism

“Patriotism”, Samuel Johnson famously observed, “is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Recent economic events would suggest we should add “and the uncompetitive.” That said, it is unfair to equate