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Top Producer December 2019
Top Producer December 2019

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Monitor Your Financial Dashboard

Here are the key metrics to measure your farm’s financial success.

Nearly all farms today are feeling some level of financial stress.

Paul Neiffer: Help, I Have An Ugly Return!

The current tax law makes trading in farm machinery a taxable event. Farmers must report the trade-in value as if they sold the equipment and recognize any associated gain.

Assess Your Succession Planning Advisers

Do your consultants have succession plans?

Think about your key advisers. The institutional knowledge they have about your family’s succession planning journey is invaluable.

Chris Barron: Reset Your Team’s Trajectory

When you are working in a business, it can be hard to spot new opportunities or looming risks. Get a second, fifth or 10th set of eyes on your business with a strategic resource team.

Demand Drivers: Biofuels

Can growing international markets compensate for domestic demand shortfalls?

Demand for biofuels in the next decade is complicated.

John Phipps: Econ 101 is Broken

It was elegant in its simplicity. The graceful curves, the sturdy crossed supply and demand lines, and the intuitively believable narratives.