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Top Producer Issues

Top Producer April 2019 Cover
Top Producer: Spring 2019

Below are the stories featured in the Spring 2019 issue of Top Producer. Have a story idea for Top Producer? Email Editor Sara Schafer at 

The Success Secret

Carey Lohrenz knows what it takes to win in high-pressure and extreme environments. As the first female U.S.

9 Ag Statistics to Know in 2019

USDA looked into its crystal ball this week and released its first round of numbers for many key forecasts for agriculture in 2019 and beyond.

Tax Action Steps to Consider Now

We are going to start out with what I call “Paul’s Rant.” One of my sons does a podcast for a company regarding daily fantasy sports and he usually starts out the podcast with “Grant’s Rant.” So in

Iowa Farmer Blazes Trails in Field and Out

“If she wants to farm, then we will make it work.” Those few words spoken in 1985 by Bert Hemmes to his granddaughter, April Hemmes, framed a pivotal moment for an ambitious young lady and still ec

Tame the Energy Hogs on Your Farm

A major and often-overlooked overhead cost on the farm is utilities. With simple upgrades, you can dramatically reduce your energy usage and bills, says farm energy auditor Chad Kloberdanz.

7 Ways To Make Your Money Grow

Just as Luke Bryan sings in the song, “Kick the Dust Up” it’s finally that time of year: “Tractors, plows with flashing lights backin’ up a two-lane road.” Another lyric in the song that should gra

5 Lessons Farmers Can Learn From Google

Google is one of the world’s innovation powerhouses. During a time in agriculture where change is around every corner, farmers can learn some vital lessons from the global company.

Close The Gap With Strategic Planning

Does crafting a strategic plan sound like a waste of time? Do you associate it with a binder on your bookshelf? If you view a strategic plan as a one-time project, it isn’t worth your time.