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September 2019 Top Producer
Top Producer September 2019

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The Power of Perspective

A financial consultant, a banker, a human resources expert, a risk mitigation consultant and two farmers sit around a table. They review budgets, contracts and debate new opportunities.

Write An Ethical Will to Share Your Values

Share your values and experiences with future generations

When Frank Perdue, the legendary poultry giant, died, he didn’t just leave his family money and material possessions.

Plan Forward: Who Is On Your Bench?

Think about the skills and manpower you need on your farm today versus five years ago. Your team has likely evolved to meet today’s challenges and opportunities.

Be A Good Boss During Harvest

Follow these six strategies to maximize your team’s efforts

While harvest can be rewarding and fun, it can also be stressful.

John Phipps: The New Evil Empire

One indication of how the trade war with China is going is to see how administration supporters characterize China now compared to the outset.

Questions Abound for 2019 Crops

Variable crops add confusion to an uncertain supply-and-demand picture

At 13.9 billion bushels, the corn crop estimate USDA published in August would be down 519 million bushels from last

Best-In-Field Scouts

This year’s Master Scout honorees are thoughtful teachers 

Since 2008, we’ve designated one or more our veteran scouts on the P