Top Producer December 2019
Top Producer December 2019

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Farm It Out: Delegation Strategies

“If you want to do a few things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.” These are powerful words from leadership expert John C. Maxwell. We
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African Swine Fever’s Global Impact

African swine fever (ASF) could be the biggest event in animal protein for years, as the devastating disease spreads beyond China’s borders. At least 75% of the world’s pork is at risk of ASF, says

Monitor Your Financial Dashboard

Here are the key metrics to measure your farm’s financial success. Nearly all farms today are feeling some level of financial stress. “Some need a little tweaking, while some need an overhaul,” says
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Paul Neiffer: Help, I Have An Ugly Return!

The current tax law makes trading in farm machinery a taxable event. Farmers must report the trade-in value as if they sold the equipment and recognize any associated gain. However, the new piece of

Differentiate Your Farm with A Marketing Calendar

Use a 12-month communication calendar to fortify landlord relationships How often are you communicating with your landlords? Likely, its not enough. “A top goal in marketing is to be top of mind for
Aerial shot of Spring Lake Pork after the fire

From Tragedy to Opportunity

Missouri hog producers rebuild after a devastating fire Sometimes you just know when something’s not right. Anthony Russo, general manager of Spring Lake Pork, awoke to a call on May 19, 2018, from
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Assess Your Succession Planning Advisers

Do your consultants have succession plans? Think about your key advisers. The institutional knowledge they have about your family’s succession planning journey is invaluable. What happens if they are
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Chris Barron: Reset Your Team’s Trajectory

When you are working in a business, it can be hard to spot new opportunities or looming risks. Get a second, fifth or 10th set of eyes on your business with a strategic resource team. These advisers
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Stepping Stones To Sustainability Success

Adopt conservation measures and harvest a return-on-investment From every indication, farming as a conservation solution will only accelerate. Now is a smart time to explore how stewardship can
2019 Top Producer Summit

Learn and Network at the Top Producer Summit

Top Producer Summit includes five must-attend events for your team The 2020 Top Producer Summit is your opportunity to learn and grow as a farm CEO, surrounded by hundreds of peers in the vibrant city

Jerry Gulke: Reown with Calls? Buy or Sell?

Options have two purposes: to re-own sold grain (call options) or to put a floor under prices (put options). Options for grains can be defined as the “right” to own or sell but not the “obligation” to

Demand Drivers: Biofuels

Can growing international markets compensate for domestic demand shortfalls? Demand for biofuels in the next decade is complicated. The industry’s ability to maintain or grow its consumption of corn
John Phipps

John Phipps: Econ 101 is Broken

It was elegant in its simplicity. The graceful curves, the sturdy crossed supply and demand lines, and the intuitively believable narratives. I loved Economics 101 and its follow-on models and