Top Producer November 2019
Top Producer November 2019

In this month's issue, meet a pioneer in the pork industry, start planning for 2020, and get the latest tax tips from the Farm CPA. Start reading below!

Father & Son Walking

Take A Walk of Gratitude

Let's face it. The role and responsibility of running a business isn’t always a walk in the park. With today’s depressed prices, frustrating weather, complex family dynamics, etc., it can feel more

Behind the Desk: What Lenders Are Thinking

Do you ever wish you could read your lender’s mind? I recently attended the Emerging Issues in Agricultural Lending conference in Columbia, Mo. After a few minutes of being in the room, I overheard
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Chris Barron: Build A Farm Dream Team

A strategic resource team helps you to focus on your business. By surrounding your business with the right people, you can make profitable decisions. Many different people can comprise this team. Let

Meet a Pioneer in Pork

Jimmy Tosh uses business scale to drive efficiency on his Tennessee operation As Jimmy Tosh sits in his office in northwest Tennessee, he is humbled, proud and astounded. Never in his wildest dreams

How to Go from No Refund to $7,800

Times are tough in the farm sector. One of the few benefits to tough times is farmers will likely owe little or no tax. But that is not always the best solution for a farm couple. With some key tax
Business Matters_Inputs

4 Strategies for Buying Inputs

Advance planning can help prune your cost of production The long tail of 2019’s difficult growing season makes the crystal ball blurry for future outlooks — especially inputs. Uncooperative weather
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Trust And Verify: Lender Relationships in 2020

Expect more documentation requests from your lender in 2020 For decades ag lenders have spent time on farms verifying assets. As 2020 approaches and the farm economy continues to struggle, don’t be

Five Guys: SoCal Farms Goes Big On CBD Hemp

All in on hemp. Ear to the ground in 2011, Don Collins prepared for change as he listened to rumblings of the first genuinely new crop of his 45-year career, eventually handpicking a farming team to
2019 Top Producer Summit

Top Producer Summit: 5 Events, 1 Location

The Top Producer Summit offers something for your entire team The 2020 Top Producer Summit will bring together the country’s best farmers. Be one of them and invest in your farm and yourself. The
Machinery Pete

Machinery Pete: Time to Talk Tillage

Over my 30 years of tracking auction data, the summer into early fall months have tended to be a softer pricing period. I n 2019, given the strong headwinds blowing against the ag economy, it’s

Farming's Digital Evolution

Data will drive productivity gains and efficient resource use His demeanor might be calm, but Michael K. Stern sees the global challenges facing agriculture today in rather dramatic terms, given the

Reform Your Team’s Repeat Offenders

Here’s how to transform troublesome employees into all-stars You have two choices in filling your farm’s talent pipeline: buy it or grow it. Because it’s hard to compete with city and big-company
Cell Phone

Take the Lead in Tough Conversations

“Awkward!” That’s how my niece describes any uncomfortable situation or conversation. Here’s another common phrase: It’s not personal; it’s business. But with family businesses such as farming, the
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Are You Ready for Family Governance?

Set clear expectations and accountability Do you have a hard time keeping off-farm family members informed about the farm? Do you have a retired farm own-er who still wants to manage day-to-day

Watch for Signs of Suicidal Risk on Your Farm

It’s easy to think suicide’s horrific grip will never touch your family or farm team. But, this tragic cause of death claims 2,704 people who work in agriculture each year, according to data from the

The Pros and Cons of Sale-Leasebacks

In today’s challenging environment, farmland sale-leasebacks are becoming more common and potentially smart strategy for farmers. As farmers’ financial positions continue to deteriorate and investing

Jerry Gulke: Is USDA Methodology Archaic?

Given the delays in planting and maturities and questions around final acreage, it was a stretch for the market to expect the October USDA report to meet our yield reduction expectations. It
Minnesota RR Elevator

Head to Head: Cash In On Strong Basis

Q: One unique feature of 2019 has been the stronger-than-normal cash markets across the Corn Belt. Why is this occurring, and how best should farmers take advantage of this marketing factor? Naomi
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John Phipps: Cool Whip and CAFOs

Farmers and ranchers have responded with scorn for the most part to burgeoning artificial meat offerings pouring into the food market. When I addressed this question a few months ago on US Farm Report