By Jerry Gulke

  • Market Strategy: Acreage Surprises

    03/29/2017 02:39 AM

    The Planting Intentions report due March 31 from USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service could significantly affect prices. 

  • Gulke: Acreage Surprises Possible in 2017 Planting Intentions Report
    03/28/2017 08:00 AM

    Data from USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service could significantly affect commodity prices.

  • Market Strategy: Wheat In Perspective
    02/22/2017 02:48 AM

    I probably don’t discuss wheat enough in this column. After all, it is the commodity staple that is the most recognized at cocktail parties.

  • Market Strategy: Shock and Awe
    01/25/2017 02:50 AM

    One year after the great surprise in commodity- price appreciation, we find ourselves dealing with South American production concerns and the U.S. planted acreage debate for 2017 crops.

  • Market Strategy: Currency Wars
    01/04/2017 02:52 AM

    The U.S. Dollar Index (trading symbol USDX) is a measure of the value of the dollar relative to a basket of U.S. trade partners’ currencies. 

  • Market Strategy: Changing of the Guard
    11/23/2016 02:32 AM

    The recently ended presidential election promises to open a new era in politics and policies. 

  • Market Strategy: Market Apprehension
    10/26/2016 02:02 AM

    After going through the surprise rally this spring into the price peak during the second week of June, I’m sure the market is apprehensive as to what is in store for calendar year 2017. 

  • Market Strategy: Volatility Equals Opportunity
    09/28/2016 01:28 AM

    About a year ago, we heard forecasts of doom and gloom in our markets.

  • Market Strategy: Soybeans: An Olympic Experience
    09/07/2016 02:50 AM

    The soybean chart tells the story of events in soybean pricing over nine to 12 months that, for some, might be similar to participating in the recent Olympics: It evokes the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.