By Sara Schafer

  • Why Land Values Are Not Falling

    08/30/2017 04:00 AM

    Many signs pointed to a crash. Multiple years of low farm profitability, the upward trajectory of interest rates and a rise in farmers exiting the profession were just a few of the indicators suggesting farmland values would drop. Yet that’s not reality.

  • Top of Mind: Adopt Moonshot Thinking
    08/02/2017 01:37 AM

    How you run your farm today is dramatically different than a generation ago. 

  • Top of Mind: Farming Forward
    05/31/2017 02:47 AM

    Agriculture today is an exciting—albeit challenging—profession.

  • Top of Mind: Your Business Edge
    03/29/2017 02:20 AM

    As you clock some long tractor time this spring, ponder this: What sets your operation apart from the one down the road? Can you clearly define your competitive advantage?

  • Top of Mind: Your Job As A Dream Custodian
    02/22/2017 02:13 AM

    The operation you run today is either one you’ve grown yourself or that has been entrusted to you.

  • Top of Mind: Think Big, Succeed Big
    01/25/2017 02:48 AM

    During this goal-setting and planning time of the year, I have a challenge for you: Think big.

  • Top of Mind: Sweat the Small Stuff
    01/04/2017 02:31 AM

    In farming, details matter. In light of the current compressed commodity prices and tight margins, a penny saved is a penny earned.