How Are U.S. Ag Exports Looking Right Now?

February 12, 2019 02:36 PM

The government shutdown earlier this year left us with export data only from January through November of 2018, but if you compare that to the same 11 months in 2017 there is some good news.

Kamron Daugherty is a USDA trade economist.  He says we saw an uptick in trade with a 2% increase in exports.  Daugherty says starting in the summer last year, those exports did begin trending down, though.

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Prattsburgh, NY
2/13/2019 06:13 AM

  National debt up, trade deficit UP. are you tired of winning yet? the great deal maker is getting us hammered at every turn

bad axe, MI
2/13/2019 06:31 AM

  If you be watching some of these farm auctions in the last month, the trade dispute with china must be settled in our favor. The stuff is going for a lot more than what it was selling for last year at this time. I know Trump raised FHA borrowing limits on hard assets $350,000.00 and lines of credit by $100,000.00 for 2019 in the farm bill. Everything is up at the retailer 10 to 15% for inputs , auction sales are Christmas in July . There's really no fundamental reason this should be happening other than there's a lot of borrowed money being thrown at it. Some are blaming the $1.65 soybean payment and the anticipation of another one coming this fall for the rise in retail input prices and auction prices.

Fred T
Central, NE
2/13/2019 07:22 AM

  In the crop comment section, one wrote that cash rent prices were bid up and used equipment prices are higher than last year due to the soybean payment. If this was an election year, Trump would be forking over the dough to buy ag's vote. But, there has also been a jump in mid-west bankruptcies too. So much so I've read one attorney has had to turn away business. Dave from NY is right. Trump is hammering us at every turn. He's so focused on China, he's blown off working on the rest of the Pacific rim and the EU for that matter. How much other trade have we lost? Xi has planned on waiting out Trump's presidency.